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Global Sourcing

High Quality & On-Time Delivery

  • Our technical team combines engineering and manufacturing excellence across India-China-Europe and ensures authenticated manufacturing processes and a high quality material usage.
  • Our logistics team spread across India-China-Europe maintains good quality of warehouse and ensures on-Time delivery services with competitive pricing.

Managing Critical Success Factors

  • Material Costs
  • Transportation & Logistic
  • Cross Country Taxes, Tariffs And Duty Costs
  • Currency Risks

Final Painting

  • We have developed high Technology paint shops in Europe for final paint to avoid discrepancies in product finishing after transportation.

Door To Door Deliveries

  • Integrated packaging & logistic solutions for DDP Deliveries as per Client’s requirement.


  • With highest standards of SE.

We recognize our suppliers as partners essential to achieve successful assignments. Our suppliers are an essential part of our company and we extended our Premier Service philosophy to encompass them. With an ongoing partnership, we can assure our clients of a consistently high standard of service performance. Through our extensive network we are able to match each client with the most appropriate suppliers.

We have developed our Best In Class supplier network in India, China and Europe.

Supplier Components
Mumbai Plastics, Fittings, Hoses, Tube
Vadodara Al Castings
Ahmedabad Al Castings, Machined Components
Jamshedpur Fabricated Components
Kolkata Hydraulic Cylinders & Components

At TecSo Global, we believe that Total quality management (TQM) is an essential tool for every successful organization. And hence we adhere to the very principle of TQM and try to make our organization synergized at all aspects. Essentially TQM requires to ensure that the work on table has to be well organized and should be concluded diligently within time frame to eliminate the defects and wastage of the available resources.

Important aspects of TQM that we follow include customer-driven quality, top management leadership and commitment, continuous improvement, fast response, actions based on facts, employee participation, and a TQM culture.

This helps us deliver products of high standards at low cost and reduced time which ultimately benefits our customers.

TecSo Global delivers logistic solutions as per client request and takes the responsibility to deliver in the right condition, at the right time at the right costs. We provide our clients Door-To-Door delivery on Basis of DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). This means we bear all the costs and risks involved in bringing the goods to the door of our client. This includes the responsibility and the risk of the carrying out of customs formalities and the payment of customs duties, taxes and other charges for import in the country of destination.

We manage the entire Supply Chain including the flow of materials, information and resources. Providing value added services such as warehousing and final painting close to the manufacturing / assembly’s plant.

We also manage the critical success factors for our clients along with the logistics process. One of the critical success factors for our clients is the price competitiveness of the logistics including the complete logistic process considered below.

Raw Material Costs

  • Benefit or loss due to price decrease or increase
  • Recovery of tooling investments and other costs

Transportation and logistics

  • Logistic costs to be monitored closely to keep account of increase in fuel surcharge, Incoterms delivery etc.

Cross-country taxes, tariffs and duty costs

  • Export benefits
  • Custom duties & exemption General system of preferences etc.

Currency risks

  • €/$ currency exchange fluctuations to be monitored