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With years of experience in working with various OEMs across different verticals, TecSo Global has developed expertise in products Design & Development encompassing various industries ranging from Construction Machinery & Off-Highway Vehicle to Process Industry & Automotive amongst others.

TecSo Global also has a deep understanding of the product range, covering an entire gambit of product offerings. With broader market knowledge and deeper understanding on product lines and extensions, TecSo Global has become a preferred engineering partner for various OEMs across the globe.

Automotive Sector, being the most demanding industry, has been a strength of TecSo Global with its experience in vehicle engineering, Failure mode Engineering Analysis, Optimization, performance testing, homologation etc.

Being the most dynamic sector of the industry, Automotive Sector has earned a flooding demand for its product design, product optimization, Product validation, Performance testing, Homologation etc. TecSo, being part of this industry and having had a vast domain experience of vehicle engineering, has been proving its global presence across automotive sector time and again and earned accolades for its remarkable work.

With industrial advancement in recent years in india, Industrial equipment sector has grown its demand rapidly. TecSo has been very keen to leverage this opportunity with its years of experience in Design & Development of heavy engineering. And hence, industrial equipment sector forms an essential part of overall product portfolio for TecSo.

TecSo has successfully undertaken some of the projects of Redesigning, Reverse engineering, Product optimization through cost reduction, FE Analysis of industrial equipment for various companies across India and Europe. TecSo has diligently designed and developed some of the machineries like Industrial Wheel Loader, Overhang crane, Dumpers amongst others to cater specific need of industries.

With infrastructure sector getting a big boom and investments on India, construction and road building equipments have been in high demand. TecSo Global has been quick to identify market requirements and has developed a wide range of products for its customers. It now boasts of capabilities in the entire array of products used and developed in the industry.

This includes a wide variety of projects including ones from refineries, chemical plants, treatment plants, fluid processing etc. TecSo Global has had experience working with many clients for various assignments including design, development, appraisal, certification, analysis and cost reduction.